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Patricia Dendor

Office Manager/Accounting


Patricia Dendor handles accounting and is the Regan Atwood P.A. Jacksonville, Florida, office manager.

“Bookkeeper, accounting manager, office manager,” Patricia said. “Yes, I am the go-to person, and anytime anybody doesn’t know who to send it to, or who can do it, they send it to me even if I can’t do it because I’ll try.

“I do what needs to be done for my job which also includes fixing copiers, filing cabinets and stuck locks. But I’m actually responsible for billing and accounting.”

Patricia began working with Regan Atwood in 2013. She enjoys working with the very talented and compassionate legal team.

“Regan Atwood is special because the lawyers really work with the clients using their intelligence and their hearts,” Patricia said. “They care about their clients and their employees.

“We’ve had a couple of cases where people have really been through it. And all the lawyers here couldn’t sleep at night because these people were being taken advantage of.

“They worked very hard to get people to the outcomes that they needed. The cases I was involved with, I was trying to help by letting them know that their money was received or that it was on the way. I would e-mail them, and they would thank me profusely. Our clients are just super people and I’m glad that they are always well taken care of by our work for them.”

Stephanie K. Griffith

Legal Assistant


Stephanie K. Griffith is a legal assistant for Regan Atwood P.A. in the Jacksonville, Florida, office.

Stephanie brings more than 30 years of legal experience to the firm and is one of the first people clients meet as they come into the office. She runs conflict reports for the attorneys, adds client information to the documentation system, and offers attorneys legal support including calendaring hearings, and depositions. When there is a trial order she makes sure everything is on the calendar.

Stephanie handles Regan Atwood administrative responsibilities including office communication, mail, and supplies, She knows where everyone is as she manages attorney scheduling.

“Regan Atwood is a powerful firm where most of the partners are board certified, with extensive skill in their practice areas,” Stephanie said. “They’re very good at finding the heart of legal matters for clients who didn’t know if their businesses were going to make it through their legal problems.

“Clients don’t have the answers, but our attorneys are going to find the best options. The attorneys can change client’s lives and affect the futures of companies of all sizes. There is always strong teamwork, and we take time to understand problems our clients face.”


  • Florida State College–Jacksonville, Florida


  • Regan Atwood P.A., 2015 to Present
  • Whelan Construction Law, P.A., 2014-15
  • Bedell, Dittmar, DeVault, Pillans & Coxe, P.A., 2010-14
  •, Co-owner, 2005-13
  • McGuireWoods LLP, 1979 to 2007

Donna A. Hoffman

Certified, Florida Registered Paralegal


Donna A. Hoffman is a Certified and Florida Registered Paralegal for Regan Atwood P.A. in the Jacksonville, Florida, office. Donna works on construction litigation, business litigation, and real estate litigation cases supporting the work performed by attorneys in the law firm.

Donna joined Regan Atwood in June 2019 bringing decades of legal knowledge to draw upon as she has been a paralegal since 1984. Donna has worked in practice areas including construction, commercial, and consumer litigation. She also has experience working in bankruptcy, securities, corporate governance, environmental and class action litigation.

“The level of experience of the attorneys at this firm is like the large firms,” Donna said. “The background of the attorneys, the skill they have. They can provide so much to the various types of clients and what they need.”

The attorneys at Regan Atwood handle client interactions and Donna provides work for the attorneys and their cases by helping with discovery, document preparation and filing, organizing and accessing documents and information, summarizing depositions, and technology needs in the courtroom.

“I think that our clients should know that they really matter to us,” Donna said. “That’s the most important thing, that they know we will do whatever is needed to help them.”


  • Florida Registered Paralegal, 2009
  • Certified Paralegal, 1988


  • Regan Atwood P.A., 2019-Present
  • Lindell & Farson, P.A., 2005-19
  • Fischette, Owen, Held & McBurney, 2002-05
  • Bombardier Capital, Inc., 2001-02
  • The Charter Company, 1978 to 2001

Kimberly Starbuck

Florida Registered Paralegal


Kimberly Starbuck is a Florida Registered Paralegal for Regan Atwood P.A. in the Jacksonville, Florida, office.

Kimberly has more than 30 years of litigation experience and provides support to Regan Atwood attorneys as they prepare for depositions, hearings and trials. Kimberly has worked in practice areas including civil and commercial litigation.  She also has experience with bankruptcy, foreclosures, medical malpractice and workers compensation.

Kimberly oversees case document management, key to all cases, particularly in construction litigation where there are large volumes of documents. She coordinates hearings, interacts with clients and expert witnesses to ensure they have all that is needed for cases. She also assists the attorneys with discovery, document preparation and filing, organizing and accessing important documents and information, summarizing depositions, and technology needs in the courtroom.

“We are a smaller firm, but the skill of the attorneys brings in major clients,” Kimberly said. “That says something about the work ethic and the level of ability of our partners.”

“Greater attention is paid to clients because we are a smaller firm. It allows us to have better communication between clients, between attorneys, between staff. There’s a more personable environment with us. That’s definitely an asset because everybody’s very aware of what’s going on with pretty much all of our matters.”


  • Paralegal Certificate, Civil Litigation, National Center for Paralegal Training, 1986
  • Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, B.A. Criminology, 1986


  • Regan Atwood P.A., 2017 to Present
  • Akerman LLP, 2013-16
  • Smith Hulsey & Busey, 1991 to 2012
  • Marks Gray, P.A., 1987-91

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