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When Do We Charge for a Consultation?

Managing Partner and attorney Jeff Regan answers the question: When Do We Charge for a Consultation? Jacksonville, Florida, and Orlando, Florida, law firm Regan Atwood handles construction law, business litigation, and real estate litigation for clients across the state.

Different Site Condition Claims in Construction: Part 1

Jacksonville, Florida, law firm Regan Atwood Managing Partner Jeff Regan explains different site condition claims in construction disputed in Florida by contractors and sub-contractors on a project. Different site condition claims include two types: One that’s different than what’s shown in the plan specifications, and the other one would be where the conditions differ from what you would normally expect in that geographical area.

What is Arbitration?

The law firm of Regan Atwood of Jacksonville, Florida, handles high stakes and complex business, construction and real estate litigation for clients across the state. The firm can help with arbitration questions and contracts requiring arbitration

Arbitration is a Method for Dispute Resolution

Regan Atwood, a Jacksonville, Florida, law firm with an office in Orlando, can help you with arbitration hearings. Arbitration is a method for dispute resolution between parties using a neutral arbitrator, or a panel of neutral arbitrators, who hear both sides of a case and make a final legal decision

What is Fraud?

Jacksonville law firm Regan Atwood handles high stakes, complex business disputes across the state including fraud. What is fraud? Fraud occurs when a party or parties intentionally deceives and deprives a business or individual of revenue, property or legal rights

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