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Real Estate Litigation

Regan Atwood is highly skilled in handling real estate litigation cases including:

Broker liability

Commercial transaction disputes

Easement disputes

Enforcement of restrictive covenants

Foreclosures (Florida & Georgia)

Quiet title

Undisclosed material defects

Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Law Cases Regan Atwood P.A. Represents

Regan Atwood P.A. has extensive real estate litigation experience in matters that can arise at any point during a real estate project. Real estate disputes can begin with design or financing, acquisition or development, construction or management.

Real estate litigation may involve the purchase or sale of real property, trespass on land, quiet title actions, or defects on a property.

Whether it relates to boundary line disputes, breach of purchase or sale agreements, commercial real estate transactions, or mortgage foreclosures for lenders, Regan Atwood will address your problems and provide the options that are available to you.

However, not every case should be litigated. The attorneys of Regan Atwood will provide clients the options and carefully explain the possible directions that a case can go.

“Any business decision belongs to the client,” partner and attorney F. Eugene Atwood said. “I will give them advice to the extent that I can, but then I will clearly delineate for them where there’s no wrong decision. It’s whatever you decide you want to do.

“Then there are other decisions that I will advise, that here will be the impact on the case if you decide to go in one direction or the other. And there are other pieces that I consider part of the integrity piece of the practice that I won’t bend on.”

Real Estate Litigation

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