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Regan Atwood P.A. offers sophisticated legal services to Florida, U.S., and international clients. Regan Atwood, a Jacksonville, Florida, law firm with offices in Orlando, Florida, has a team of brilliant attorneys who provide legal representation in construction law, business law, and real estate law.

Construction Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law

Regan Atwood P.A. handles complex, high stakes construction law, business law, and real estate law cases for plaintiffs and defendants facing litigation in state and federal courts.

When a company is faced with a seven- to eight-figure legal problem, clients expect and demand superior legal performance with responsible actions and answers. Regan Atwood is a law firm with decades of experience in handling lawsuits, arbitrations, and negotiations of settlements in cases that last months, or even years.

“When you come to us, you don’t need to know what questions to ask,” said Regan Atwood managing partner and attorney Jeffrey C. Regan. “We understand that you’re under stress caused by the legal dispute.

“For most business owners, thoughts go directly to costs, and whether or not a lawsuit will take the company down. Hiring the right attorney is the first step towards getting the answers, and towards ending the problem.”

Construction Litigation

Regan Atwood takes on complex, multi-party construction litigation that may involve:

Construction delay claims

Construction liens

Defect claims

Delay and disruption

Insurance bad faith


Quality of construction

Payment bond claims

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Business Litigation

Regan Atwood provides exceptional business litigation representation for issues including:

Breach of contract

Breach of promissory note

Broker liability

Business torts


Unfair and deceptive trade practices

Intentional interference with contracts

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Real Estate Litigation

Regan Atwood is highly skilled in handling real estate litigation cases including:

Broker liability

Breach of promissory note

Easement disputes

Enforcement of restrictive covenant

Foreclosures (Florida & Georgia)

Quiet title

Undisclosed material defects

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Regan Atwood P.A. Board-Certified Attorneys

Regan Atwood has been primarily a business litigation firm since 2006 because litigation or lawsuits are a reality of operating almost any business in today’s environment. The firm has represented small businesses, family businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies.

As part of the practice of litigation, Jeff, Gene, Chad, and Judson deal with business disputes in an effort to try and get them resolved. Litigation involves arbitration proceedings, federal court proceedings, state court proceedings, any number of different tribunals in which a dispute can be resolved.

A construction project, mid-sized, can have as many as 3,000 contracts written during its performance. Understanding the relationships between those contracts is what takes a lawyer from a realm of just contract law, to being a construction lawyer. Regan Atwood demonstrates its expertise with three, Florida Bar board certified attorneys: Jeff Regan, Gene Atwood, and Chad Walker.

Regan Atwood team has extensive skill litigating business, construction, and real estate disputes. The team has seen how cases go into and come out of the court systems.

“We  advise our clients up front, and have engaged in the transactional side of the practice,” managing partner Jeff Regan said. “It involves the drafting of contracts for clients in an effort to allocate risks and responsibilities on various different projects.

“The type of litigation we provide involves real estate disputes, construction project disputes, any number of business disputes from breach of contract to disputes between business partners, to corporate director or office reliability. Securities fraud cases, infringement, unfair competition cases. Those are the areas that we have worked over the years.”

Jeff, Gene, and Chad hold Florida Bar Board Certifications in construction law. Jeff also holds board certification in business litigation.


Attorney Jeffrey C. Regan

Managing Partner

30+ years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Business Litigation, and in Construction Law.


Attorney F. Eugene Atwood


20+ years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Construction Law; admitted in Florida and Georgia.

Orlando Florida Attorney-Charles-R-Walker-Jr-Regan-Atwood

Attorney Charles R. Walker, Jr.


Practicing Florida law since 2001, Florida Bar Board Certified in Construction Law.

Navigation through difficult construction, business, and real estate problems requires hiring a law firm with an advanced legal skillset. Regan Atwood P.A. attorneys are dedicated to resolving issues by providing clear legal options so that clients receive needed direction.

The Regan Atwood team is familiar with finding answers to very difficult business and financial questions. No matter what the legal situation, it’s imperative to consult with attorneys who listen and learn about what’s occurred between parties before offering any answers.


Regan Atwood’s experience, integrity, and results, were built over time by handling many complicated cases in Florida courtrooms, and in front of many judges and juries.

Experience. Integrity. Results.

Regan Atwood P.A. Serves Clients Worldwide

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