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Experience. Integrity. Results.

Regan Atwood, P.A., a Jacksonville, Florida, law firm with offices in Orlando, Florida, handles construction litigation, business litigation, and real estate litigation for large and small local, regional, national and international clients.

Regan Atwood is known for handling sizable construction cases, real estate issues, and complex business disputes. Clients are often large specialty subcontractors, mechanical contractors, condominium builders, multi-family builders. Fortune 500 businesses, family-owned generational businesses, and established real estate firms.


The Regan Atwood P.A. team brings experience, integrity, and results built over time by handling complicated cases in Florida courtrooms, in front of many judges and juries. Three of the team’s five attorneys are board certified.


Attorney Jeffrey C. Regan

Managing Partner

30+ years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Business Litigation, and in Construction Law.


Attorney F. Eugene Atwood


20+ years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Construction Law; admitted in Florida and Georgia.

Orlando Florida Attorney-Charles-R-Walker-Jr-Regan-Atwood

Attorney Charles R. Walker, Jr.


19 years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Construction Law.

Regan Atwood P.A. managing partner and attorney Jeffrey C. Regan explains that when clients come to the firm, the team will determine the best, most efficient way to solve their problems.

“Sometimes that’s going to be a five- or six-week jury trial, and sometimes that may mean getting a quick settlement,” Jeff said. “It often depends on what the plaintiff or the defendant we find ourselves representing, wants to do in any given situation. We provide the options. The client makes the decision.”


Experience. Integrity. Results.

Regan Atwood P.A. Serves Clients Worldwide

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The Value of Experienced Attorneys

Companies turn to Regan Atwood when facing complicated legal problems that can cost clients hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

The knowledge of the attorneys at Regan Atwood, who provide the sometimes business-altering legal choices to clients, should bring clients comfort.

When managing complex construction law, real estate, or business litigation with millions of dollars on the line, Regan Atwood can respond with answers that come from having seen and experienced what can and will occur in and out of a courtroom.

Clients benefit from large cases that Regan Atwood have successfully litigated. Before deciding that there will be a lawsuit, or any legal action, the Regan Atwood team thoroughly reviews cases.

“We have taken cases that other lawyers likely wouldn’t have taken,” said partner and attorney F. Eugene Atwood. “We see legal issues with a clarity that helps us guide a client into what their rights may be in any given situation.

“But it also lets us take a look at a client case and give them the bad news that, ‘yes, you have a great claim, but not a good case.’ And sometimes it’s just telling the client that it’s not the right time to have a fight.”

Extensive Construction, Business, Real Estate Trial Experience

Practice area experience and extensive trial capabilities by team members make the Regan Atwood P.A. law firm unique.

Regan Atwood explains to clients that sometimes, there are benefits to resolving cases before a trial would be required. There are risks and extensive costs to protracted litigation. But when and if litigation is required, Regan Atwood will fight for clients’ rights.

“Our firm has exceptional board-certified attorneys with extensive trial experience in complex litigation,” attorney and partner F. Eugene Atwood said. “We handle multimillion-dollar cases for construction companies, corporations, real estate entities and business disputes, partnership brawls, contractor issues. We’re a law firm of choice for sophisticated clients who know what they’re looking for.”

Emotional and Financial Costs of Legal Disputes

But on the other side of litigation, is of course, the expense. Lawsuits cost; not only in paying lawyers by the hour, but in lost business opportunities during litigation. Clients who are new to the process, don’t realize how time consuming litigation is and how it affects their business productivity. There is also an emotional expense.

“One of the biggest hidden costs of litigation is the client’s time,” managing partner and attorney Jeffrey C. Regan said. “While we can help them through it and can relieve a lot of the stress, the client often has to spend enormous amounts of time gathering together documents.

“Reading old emails, reading contracts, going back through what their recollection was so that they can keep that fresh in their mind for testimony. All of that time commitment takes the client away from what they do to make a living. It takes them away from their business, from what their livelihood is. And in doing that, it can cost them a tremendous amount of productivity. Lost time means lost money.”

Managing cases, providing clients with options, allowing clients to decide whether a case should become a lawsuit, is at the heart of what Regan Atwood provides.

Jeffrey C. Regan built the Florida law firm on a foundation of experience, integrity, and results for clients. The Regan Atwood team is a group of highly-skilled attorneys with impressive courtroom proficiency. The client will always receive legal advice that is in the best interests of the client.

“In the litigation we do, the construction contractors, they understand if a project takes them six months longer than planned, their general conditions on that project now extend six months longer,” Jeff said.

“Well, litigation can take them away from paying attention to their product, their projects, and that time away makes them at fault for causing the delays. So, now, not only do they incur extended general conditions, but they may find themselves liable for delay damages to their developer clients.”

The hidden costs of litigation may be emotional, financial, and may affect production. In every case, and with each client, the Regan Atwood team shares all aspects of the legal options that are available to them.

Why is Board Certification Important?

A lawyer has to do a terrific job for clients, but to get to that point, a client must consider an attorney’s experience and qualifications including board certification. According to the Florida Bar, seven percent of Florida attorneys are board certified.

Managing Partner and Attorney, Jeffrey C. Regan

30+ years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Business Litigation, and in Construction Law

Partner and Attorney, Charles R. Walker, Jr.

19 years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Construction Law

Partner and Attorney Chad A. Dean

17 years practicing Florida law, concentrating in real estate and title litigation, homeowner and association litigation, commercial litigation and real estate transactions

Partner and Attorney, F. Eugene Atwood

20+ years practicing Florida law, Florida Bar Board Certified in Construction Law; admitted in Florida and Georgia

Attorney Judson C. Bradley

four years practicing Florida law, concentrating in construction litigation, business litigation and real estate litigation

Florida is different than most states because Florida offers Board Certification for attorneys, a process which involves a peer review, and specialty competency exams. The Florida Bar Board of Legal Certification handles lawyer board certification.

Board certification requires that an attorney has practiced a minimum of five years. The attorneys are vetted, peer reviewed, and have to demonstrate exceptional ability in their specific practice area, and sit for an exam.

Board certified attorneys must recertify every five years, which requires substantial continuing and advanced education credits in their certified areas. In certain certifications, such as Jeffrey Regan’s in business litigation, the trial of five cases every five years along with input from the judges in those cases.

The Florida Bar states that only board-certified attorneys are allowed to state they are experts or specialists within a specified practice area. An attorney must be board certified to be deemed expert. Specialist and expert are words that are proudly stated by the Regan Atwood board certified attorneys.

Is Your Attorney a Problem Solver?

“Clients should determine whether their attorney is a practical problem solver,” said managing partner and attorney Jeffrey C. Regan who is a 2020, 2018, 2016, and 2013 U.S. News and World Report Best Lawyers, Lawyer of the Year in Construction Law. “You want to be certain that your attorney, the law firm you choose to handle your legal issues can perform at the level required of your case.”

“We came from large law firms, top law schools, were on the law review. We’re accomplished. We are experts in the legal process, and how it works, and how multifaceted it is. We know when to move forward and prepare for a fight, or when to negotiate and settle.”

Experience. Integrity. Results.

Regan Atwood P.A. Serves Clients Worldwide

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