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Which Practice Areas Do We Represent?

Which Practice Areas Do We Represent?

Jacksonville, Florida, and Orlando, Florida, law firm Regan Atwood managing partner and attorney Jeff Regan answers the question: Which Practice Areas Do We Represent?

Regan Atwood cases are primarily:

  • Business Litigation
  • Construction Law
  • Real Estate Litigation

We try to stick to those areas of practice. I mean, business litigation, of course can be very broad. It’s not just a breach of contract dispute, but it could be what we call a business tort, interference with a business relationship with another customer, it could be a fraud case.

  • Business Tort
  • Interference
  • Fraud

Construction Cases Are Very Broad

It could be any number of things, and construction cases believe it or not are also very broad because there’s just such an array. It’s not just a collection on whether you have paid or whether you’ve got a construction defect. There’s any number of things that we can go into on, on the breadth of that area of law.

Real Estate Litigation Cases Are Broad

And the real estate litigation is quite broad too. It could be a vendor purchaser dispute on purchase of property. It could be a title dispute where there’s a title defect in connection with the ownership or the use of a ticket or a property. It could be involved in trespass, things of that nature too. So it’s a pretty broad area types of cases we go into:

  • Vendor Purchaser Dispute
  • Title Defect
  • Trespass

If you’re going to come to us with a personal injury case, we’re not likely to take that. Although, we have on occasion in conjunction with other firms who want us involved because of our expertise in the construction area.

Trials at Least $100,000

As I’ve mentioned, on average, if we do take a case to trial, you’re going to be spending at least $100,000 and it could be substantially more.

So, one thing you have to consider in retaining an attorney is:

  • How am I going to fund this litigation?
  • How am I going to pay for it?

Typically, clients are charged on a monthly basis. You’ll get a bill for the time extended, and it’s described in detail so you know what work has been done, and on a task-by-task basis and day-by-day basis in detail.

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