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When Do We Charge for a Consultation?

Managing Partner and attorney Jeff Regan answers the question: When Do We Charge for a Consultation?

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When Do We Charge for a Consultation?

In dealing with what’s needed for an attorney consultation I will discuss when we charge for a consultation and what those instances are.

Typically We Charge for a Consultation

Typically, we would charge for a consultation because most of our cases, certainly not all, are based on an hourly rate, but as a practical matter, in order to determine what case we’ll take or whether we’ll even take a person’s case, which goes to the second thing, you have guidelines to cases we represent and that sort of thing.

We generally end up having at least one conversation after we’ve cleared conflict of interest with the potential client about what the case is about because we have to evaluate if we’re even going to take that case.

If We Don’t Take a Case

And typically if we make a determination that we will not take a case then, we don’t charge for that consultation.

If in fact the client comes in and sits down and goes through their problem, and it seems to us this is the type of case we would take and they really do have a problem and you know maybe they’re sitting in the office with us for an hour, they’d probably be charged for that.

So, sometimes you are, sometimes you’re not, but typically if we don’t take your case, you’re not charged with a consultation.

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