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What is Arbitration?

The law firm of Regan Atwood of Jacksonville, Florida, handles high stakes and complex business, construction and real estate litigation for clients across the state.

Litigation can involve arbitration proceedings, federal and state court proceedings, and a number of different tribunals in which a legal dispute can be resolved.

What is Arbitration?

What is arbitration? In some cases, arbitration may be chosen, or may be contractually required, to decide legal disagreements.

Arbitration is an alternative method for resolving legal disputes in Florida using an arbitrator or tribune of arbitrators to hear and make final legal decisions in a less formal setting than a court.

In arbitration hearings the disputing parties choose a certified, neutral arbitrator, or panel of neutral arbitrators to listen to their sides in a case. Arbitrators may be chosen for their knowledge and specialization in certain areas.

Arbitrators Hear From All Parties

Each party presents their case to arbitrators. If agreed upon, witnesses may be called to offer testimony, and attorneys may present exhibits and materials intended to support a case. Opposing parties may question and challenge witnesses and evidence presented.

Arbitrators hear evidence from all parties involved, make the final decision in the case and the matter is concluded.

Arbitration hearings and decisions are private. There are no public filings, no public hearings, no public decisions announced at the end. Arbitration proceedings move more quickly than litigation and allow flexible scheduling.

Consult with Florida attorneys who have a successful record of protecting and representing clients in complicated legal disputes.

Regan Atwood is led by managing partner Jeff Regan, a Florida Bar double board certified business litigation and construction law attorney.

The team is composed of Florida Bar board certified construction law partners and attorneys Gene Atwood and Chad Walker; partner and attorney Chad Dean, and associate attorney Judson Bradley.

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