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Arbitration is a Method for Dispute Resolution

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Arbitration is a Method for Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is a method for dispute resolution between parties using a neutral arbitrator, or a panel of neutral arbitrators, who hear both sides of a case and make a final legal decision.

What are the advantages of arbitration?

  1. Arbitration hearings are conducted with both parties agreeing to an arbitrator or a tribunal of arbitrators to settle the legal disputes.
  2. Testimony is kept to a minimum with facts and issues presented primarily through documents, and the statement and argument of counsel by both sides.
  3. Parties can choose processes to be followed in the arbitration which may include calling expert witnesses, examinations for discovery, and evidence.
  4. Arbitration hearings are private procedures where decisions can remain confidential.
  5. Parties decide where the hearing is going to be held which is usually in a less formal setting.
  6. Arbitration decisions are usually made more quickly than in other legal procedures.
  7. When parties receive a decision from the arbitrator or arbitrators, it is binding and final. It can be filed as an order of the court and enforced. Opportunities to appeal are limited.

Companies faced with expensive legal problems want answers and options about cases that can last months or even years. Arbitration offers an alternative dispute resolution that may bring legal issues to an end more quickly.

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