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How Will You Handle Partner or Shareholder Disputes?

Regan Atwood of Jacksonville, Florida, a business law firm, is a 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firm in commercial litigation, with offices in Orlando.

Regan Atwood handles complex, high stakes business legal disputes for clients across Florida. A common problem for businesses of all sizes involves partner or shareholder fights over issues stemming from poorly constructed business or shareholder agreements.

How Will You Handle Partner or Shareholder Disputes?

When it happens, how will you handle partner or shareholder disputes?
Partner or shareholder litigation is costly, time-consuming, and disruptive to business.

An initial creation of detailed partnership agreements or shareholder agreements directed by experienced business litigators can help mitigate and limit battles.

The agreements won’t end disputes, but can provide a guide against which an alleged partner’s or shareholder’s conduct or actions can be judged and can assist in bringing resolution.

What Do Partner or Shareholder Battles Involve?

Partner or shareholder legal battles often involve:

 Breach of partnership agreements
 Joint venture disputes
 Officer and director liability
 Breach of fiduciary duties

Problems Over Trust and or Money

Common partner disputes involve perceived or real threats involving a breach of trust by one or more partners against another partner.

Typically, a breach of trust is financial and can include:

 Profiting individually from a partnership opportunity
 Theft
 Self-dealing

 Failing to account for assets and money

Shareholder disputes can happen in any size business when majority owners exert control denying minority owners rights to profits.

It’s important you work with attorneys regularly handling Florida legal disputes and cases you or your business are facing.

Attorney Jeff Regan is Florida Bar board certified in business litigation.

The Regan Atwood team is skilled in business litigation and includes partner and attorney Gene Atwood, partner and attorney Chad Walker, partner and attorney Chad Dean, and associate attorney Judson Bradley.

Regan Atwood. Experience. Integrity. Results.

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