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Do You Have Legal Counsel for Commercial Litigation Disputes?

Do You Have Legal Counsel for Commercial Litigation Disputes?

Commercial litigation involves legal conflicts in business. In these times, where COVID is affecting construction, business, and real estate contracts, workflow, production, and revenue, it’s wise to have a strong relationship with a law firm for ongoing legal counsel. Do you have legal counsel for commercial litigation disputes?

Jacksonville, Florida, law firm Regan Atwood represents construction law, business litigation, and real estate litigation disputes in state and federal courts across Florida. Regan Atwood also has offices in Orlando.

About Regan Atwood

While a relatively small firm, Regan Atwood handles large, multimillion-dollar cases for businesses in competitive industries and highly-complicated legal disputes.

Regan Atwood is retained as in-house legal counsel by companies that want to mitigate legal issues, prevent lawsuits or contentious relationships. Clients benefit from the advice and the involvement of the attorneys at the inception of contracts, prior to property purchases, and on a range of possible potential disputes.

Managing Partner Jeff Regan is a Florida Bar double-board certified attorney in business litigation and in construction law. Partners Gene Atwood and Chad Walker are Florida Bar board certified in construction law. Attorney Chad Dean and associate attorney Judson Bradley complete the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firm team.

Regan Atwood holds client meetings to field questions from CEOs, CFOs, and business partners keeping lines of communication open. It allows businesses to receive immediate answers from a trusted legal resource.

Commercial disputes may be avoided by having legal counsel present in meetings, providing document review, and weighing in on choices before large or small plans are finalized.

Working with successful businesses, Regan Atwood consults regularly with clients and in times of great need. Even with an attorney’s ongoing involvement with a company, a business can quickly become volatile locking horns in disagreements over money or property.

Shareholders may oppose company decisions. Alliances and walls divide partnerships. One side takes legal action against the other, and commercial litigation is underway.

What is Commercial Litigation?

Common examples of commercial litigation include:

Breach of contract: a breach of contract can involve purchases and sales of real estate, securities, mergers, and acquisitions, or agreements to provide goods or services.

Tortious interference with a contract: tortious interference with a contract occurs when a third party successfully interferes with or otherwise prevents the performance of an agreement between two parties.

Breach of fiduciary duty: a fiduciary duty is an obligation to act in the best interests of another party or entity. For example, a corporation’s board member has fiduciary duties owed to shareholders. A breach occurs when a party goes against what is owed professionally as a fiduciary to clients, corporations, and boards.

Fraud: fraud involves deceptive activity or misrepresentation in business transactions.

What Can You Do to Avoid Legal Battles?

Lengthy legal battles can incur capital expenditures most businesses cannot afford—let alone survive. It may be wise to consider developing relationships with a law firm before legal problems ensue. By forecasting and navigating problems, attorneys help a business run more smoothly.

“By looking at the endgame when the clients come in, we can decide what’s the best, most efficient way to solve their problem,” said Regan Atwood P.A. managing partner Jeffrey C. Regan, a 2020 U.S. News and World Report Best Lawyer in Construction.

“Sometimes that’s going to be a five- or six-week jury trial, and sometimes that’s going to be a settlement.”

Regan Atwood has an impressive record of successfully managing and trying Florida cases. The team provides sophisticated legal counsel to business entities of various sizes and fields.

Regan Atwood. Experience. Integrity. Results.

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