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What Are Business Torts?

What are business torts? Regan Atwood is a 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firm located in Jacksonville, Florida, with offices in Orlando, Florida.

Managing partner Jeff Regan is a Florida Bar board certified business litigation attorney who answers the question: what are business torts?

The Regan Atwood team has handled complex Florida business and commercial disputes since 2006. Jeff has more than 30 years of experience and is also board certified in construction law.

Regan Atwood represents corporations, generational businesses, industry leaders construction companies in business disputes, partnership brawls, real estate, property, and contractor issues in high dollar Florida cases.

The team has seen its share of Florida businesses facing complicated legal battles over business torts which are common in a competitive marketplace.

What Are Business Torts?

What is a business tort? A business tort is a lawsuit brought against an individual or a business due to actions that have caused harm or financial loss to another individual or company.

Losses in business torts do not have to be tangible, as losses can include damage to reputation or to relationships.

Nor does the financial loss have to be immediately apparent as there may have been actions that will affect future earnings of the business or individual.

Regan Atwood finds that business torts frequently occur within the context of partnerships, corporations, shareholders, and limited liability companies.

Examples of Business Torts

An example of a business tort within a corporation? Tortious interference with a contract or relationship. Tortious interference occurs when one party unlawfully interferes with another party’s business relationship or contract.

Or, a member business partner doesn’t uphold organizational obligations and responsibilities owed to other members or to an organization.

Within real estate litigation, the tort aspect of real estate litigation may concern fraudulent conveyances, and occasionally, fraud in the inducement of a contract.

Business torts differ from breach of contract claims because they may or may not involve contracts, and typically involve the intent to do harm.

Business Tort Lawsuits

In a business tort lawsuit, a plaintiff may be able to recover damages owed as a result of a defendant’s actions. In some cases, the law may require a defendant to pay additional damages as punishment, along with attorney’s fees.

Regan Atwood is a law firm of choice for sophisticated clients who know what they’re looking for and want the expertise provided by Jeff and partners Gene Atwood and Chad Walker who are Florida Bar board certified in construction law.

Attorney Chad Dean and attorney Judson Bradley round out the Regan Atwood team. Together Regan Atwood handles a range of complex Florida business litigation, real estate litigation, and construction law cases for clients across the state.

Regan Atwood. Experience. Integrity. Results.

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