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What is Securities Fraud?

What is securities fraud? Regan Atwood is a Jacksonville, Florida, and Orlando, Florida law firm providing clients business litigation representation across the state.

Regan Atwood represents plaintiffs and defendants, businesses or individuals accused of securities fraud, and those who have been victims of securities fraud and who have incurred losses.

What is Securities Fraud?

Securities fraud is financial deception and economic loss or theft committed by registered or unregistered investment advisors, securities broker-dealers, brokerage firms, or other financial fiduciaries for financial gain.

Securities fraud includes:

  • Offering and or selling unregistered securities
  • Financial gain by a broker failing to honor investors’ orders
  • Fraudulent investments
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Churning
  • High-pressure sales tactics used on investors for unrealistic financial commitments
  • Unlicensed brokers selling securities

Regan Atwood Managing Partner Jeff Regan

Regan Atwood managing partner, Jeff Regan, is a U.S. News & World Report Best Lawyers for commercial litigation from 2008 to 2020.

Jeff’s Florida Bar business litigation certification requires a record of winning trials that must be demonstrated every five years to maintain certification. Jeff has successfully tried dozens of business and construction cases in federal, state, and arbitration forums. Jeff handles securities fraud litigation cases across the state.

The Most Defrauded Victims Are Retail Investors

According to the SEC – the Securities and Exchange Commission — the most defrauded victims are retail investors.

Retail investors are non-professional investors who typically buy and sell securities through traditional means — online brokerage firms or through various investment accounts.

Protecting against fraudulent investments and unregistered securities is a part of a fiduciary duty owed by investment professionals who are bound to act in a clients’ best interests.

A fiduciary may also be wrongly accused by a client of securities fraud. As a licensed professional, the firm or individual must act quickly to protect and defend reputation. Licenses may be revoked, fines, and other felony actions may be taken by regulatory enforcement, and or disciplinary actions brought by the SEC, FINRA, NFA and other federal and state agencies.

Securities Fraud Cases

Here is a breakdown of the types of securities fraud cases brought by the SEC in 2019 according to its annual report:

  • Investment advisory and investment company issues 36%
  • Securities offerings 21%
  • Issuer reporting, accounting and auditing 17%
  • Broker-dealers 7%
  • Insider trading 6%
  • Market manipulation 6%
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 3%
  • Public finance 3%

The Regan Atwood team is familiar with the complexities of complex business and financial litigation. No matter the legal challenge, it’s imperative to consult with attorneys who listen and learn from clients about what’s occurred between parties.

Regan Atwood’s commitment to exceptional legal performance is the responsibility to provide actions, answers and options for sophisticated clients in difficult legal disputes.

Regan Atwood. Experience. Integrity. Results

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