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The Construction and Legal Careers of Gene Atwood

I’m attorney Gene Atwood and I’m a partner at Regan Atwood. I’m in the main office, here in my hometown city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville University Graduate

I’m actually a Jacksonville University graduate, and went to undergrad there. I majored in English and humanities, played a bit of baseball for the JU dolphins. And from that, even as an English major, I went straight into construction.

Began Construction Career After Seventh Grade

Back in the 50s when I was a kid, it was on the outside borders of what was called Jacksonville. It was outside of the city limits at that time, very rural setting in the woods. And my father was a plasterer. My mother was stay-at-home, a typical arrangement for the 50s. I got into construction through my father in the summer after seventh grade.

Learned Czechoslovakian in the Army

And I’ve worked in construction since that time, all the way to a short stint in the army, and then again after I got out of the army. I’ve been asked how a boy from the south side of Jacksonville would understand and speak the Czechoslovakian language. It’s almost as roundabout a trip as my trip to becoming an attorney.

Worked Construction Through College

During that time, I worked as a laborer, I worked as a plasterer. Got my apprentice card as a union plasterer in 1970 as I graduated high school. And I used that to work my way through Jacksonville University, to supplement the Scholastic Scholarship I had earned there.

Spent 20 Years in the Construction Industry

I spent the next part of 20 years, the greater part of 20 years in the construction industry, working as a superintendent in the field, and moving my way up through the ranks until I became a division manager with the Preston Haskell Company, a design build firm here in Jacksonville.

Why I Stayed in Jacksonville

The city is attractive to me. I like the river that runs through it. It’s a relaxing place to live, and I find the people genuine here. It’s made it fun for me to grow as a professional.

Joined Regan Atwood as a Partner in 2013

I joined Jeff in 2013 as a partner in his law firm. I’ve enjoyed the smaller, more focused practice since that time. We are a boutique law firm. We specialize in construction and commercial law, but we also do a good bit of property law, encompassing issues and title work and quiet title.

Business Litigation Experience

In business, I’ve litigated large business entity litigations in South Carolina and New York State and in Michigan. I’ve litigated construction in Texas and in Indiana and Georgia.

Objective, Diligent, Tenacious

On the other hand, I keep an objectivity when I’m working my cases that I think is important. I am diligent in what I do. I’ve been told I’m tenacious. I do not like to lose, and for that reason, I try to out-work anybody else who’s in the room. That’s just who I am.

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